September 13, 2020

When playing Go, masters are essential to rehabilitation.

If you enjoy proto, you will be interested in the know-how to increase the hit probability. Sports Toto's annual analysis guidebook,'Sports Toto Complete Conquest' contains a variety of information that may be helpful in analyzing Proto and Toto games.
Among these, we will introduce the '10 Proto Commandments' in turn, which summarize the key points of proto analysis in an easy to understand manner. For fun, take a look at what are the points that proto masters consider important.

Start with reinstatement of the tenth commandment


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Often, when analyzing prior to betting, pay attention to all data, data, and information.

They use their abilities for the fullest, but when results come out, they tend to neglect resilience.

Even if you do revenge, the game you hit is roughly fluttering,

Matches with missed hits are often frustrated or self-study.


When playing Go, masters are essential to rehabilitation.

The number of Baduk is endless and has played astronomical Baduk for thousands of years,

The same Baduk doesn't come out.


Reconstruction finds the cause of the failure, fills in the gaps, and does not repeat the same mistakes again.

The next time a similar situation arises, this is done to reduce mistakes.

Reconstruction is, first, by reviewing the unexpected variables once again

It has the effect of catching errors in prior analysis.

Power evaluation, analysis and prediction cannot be done completely.

However, you need to be sure of where the mistakes are made.


Second, you can respond effectively to similar situations by finding a countermeasure through reconstruction.

Matches often don't come true as analyzed and predicted.

There are several incidents where the strong team gets caught by the weak team.


Even if a team like a sports game faces again, the conditions and circumstances change every time,

Like Go, similar situations and conditions come out.

Just as the formula emerged in Go, similar situation models can be created and applied in sports.


third. Reconstruction is the starting point for analysis.

Analysis is based on a vast amount of data, and one of the data is reconstruction data.

Therefore, reconstruction is not the end of the analysis, but the beginning of the analysis.



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